setembro 22, 2016

#1 try

era uma vontade de fala
com o gosto delicioso da saudade
dos teus tons e frequências... hertz!

ele dizia para sua amante:
- What kind of mood are we for tonight?
ela respondia com a certa dificuldade

mas com alegria explícita nos olhos:
- I'm in your mood, honey!
e ele com um sentimento subindo ao peito

sem titubear ou hesitar quis tentar um verdadeiro diálogo:

- So, what are you feeling?
- I mean, I know how hard it is, but...
- But what?
- I really want to pass through this for you, but I can't... So...
- So, I guess we can hug each other, don't you think?

For a night, for a day, for the whole winter
The spring has come and bring it's love like a splinter,,,
From heaven, from nowhere, from me and from you
This is the meaning of life, separated and going through.

Love and caos dancing through the dark
Seeing and singing the coming of light

- It's kind of silly..
- May be... Or it's just like it needs.
- Indeed.

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